Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grown Up Clothes

I had an interview today (same agency, different position) so I wore some grown up clothes:

I wore a black pencil skirt (thrifted), a sheer blue blouse (Olivia Moon via Nordstrom) layered over a black camisole (Old Navy) and added black pumps (Aerosoles via Piperlime), a few black, white and blue bracelets and some hoop earrings.  Once again, photographing this top gave me and Ferge (my photog) fits.  It’s gorgeous and I love wearing it, but can’t seem to model it for anything.  It’s fabulously flowy but, as I said last time, that means it’s better in motion.  This shot shows the drape a little bit though:

Interview clothes are an odd thing for me to wrap my mind around.  Kari over at The Chronicles of Lady K wrote about this same topic yesterday (she has an interview tomorrow) and it made me think about the rules for dressing for an interview.  My only rule is to dress appropriately while at the same time not dressing like anyone but me.  I want to be comfortable in what I’m wearing so I can concentrate on the interview and not worry about whether or not I look foolish because I’m wearing something outside of my comfort zone.

But, what does it mean to dress appropriately for an interview?  Kari mentioned that she wouldn’t dare bare legs.  I have bare legs and a sheer blouse, and still think I’m dressed appropriately because I also have a pencil skirt and pumps.  In my mind nothing says “interview” like a pencil skirt.  But, does the pencil skirt negate the sheerness of my blouse?  And do my sensible pumps make up for my bare legs?

For me, this outfit is the perfect combination of dressing for the situation, but still dressing for me.  It’s not as, let’s say “fashion forward,” as my bright, color-blocked outfit from yesterday but even I know bright red pants would be a bit too much for an interview.  And perhaps a sheer blouse is also a bit too much for an interview, but maybe that’s my aesthetic.  Maybe “A Bit Too Much” should be the Fashion for Giants motto.

But what about you, Reader Friends?  Do you have your own set of rules for dressing for an interview?

Happy Wednesday, All!


P.S. The interview went well but I won’t know until Monday if I got the position or not.  I’ll keep you posted!


  1. I tend to have very different ideas of what is acceptable when it comes to attire, haha. I think you look nice but professional and still young/fun.

  2. ick i hate interview clothes i always feel so not me and boring! i love the little touch w the glasses ;) cute!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. Good luck--fingers crossed for you!

    It's been a while since I've interviewed, but I always wear a crisp black pantsuit with a blue blouse, my Tiffany's Atlas necklace, and black pumps. And a French manicure and "anchor woman" hair. What can I say, I work in a conservative field and I'm competing against men and younger women so I can't afford to be too girly. Now that I work remotely, I don't have to wear suits every day (whew!).

  4. I woun't wear bare legs because my legs are pale and do not go with a black suit. Your legs, on the other hand, have a beautiful color -- you don't need no stockings. I also have fat knees and reptile skin, all of which are accentuated when I wear bare legs. I think it's different when you have been working in the environment in which you are interviewing. I have never met these people; this is a new job; so I would just rather err on the side of being too conservative than to risk having them wonder if wasn't that serious about the position. Nobody can criticize my attire if I wear a black suit and stockings. You look positively elegant, and I hope you get the new position!

  5. I guess it depends. In some offices it might not work too well, but when you already know the place that blouse definitely works well as interview attire. I recently went to an interview as well and wore a suit. I was comfortable in it, but turns out everybody wears jeans and shirt there. I still got the position and now dress down a little. But I guess I would rather play it save. ah and open toed shoes, pumps or no pumps are a no go in most offices. No toes allowed. So lucky you that you can wear them.

  6. Good luck with the job! I don't have a formula or set idea of what is good for a job interview but suits never seem like a bad idea for positions I have interviewed for. I have done mostly corporate work or office stuff though.

  7. Oh I LOVE it. I think the key is looking like yourself. For you, you picked the perfect balance with the pencil skirt (which is also long) and the simple pumps, with the sheer shirt (which is quite flattering while not tight or revealing at all). Plus, the colors are very neutral.

    The bare legs thing is always funny to me. I haven't worn "pantyhose" in 15 years! As it's not tights weather yet, and you aren't somewhere like a law office that might expect it, I wouldn't even have considered it.

  8. I think you look very chic, elegant, and competent. Good luck! Drape and movement are so hard to capture in still photos, but you're definitely doing OK conveying that in these shots.

  9. This outfit couldn't be more different from the previous day's! I am in awe of your versatility.

    Hey, I have a question about the red Rock Star jeggings. I had ordered the exact same ones in a tall size and got them yesterday in the mail but am a little on the fence about keeping them. How do they wear over the course of the day? Do they get baggy anywhere, or do they just loosen up a little all around? Thanks for the feedback.

  10. love the flowy blouse- very chic!


  11. Thank you all for your comments. I agree that it makes a huge difference that I interviewed for a position within the agency I already work for. Even though I didn't know the people on the interview panel, I know the corporate culture here enough to know that peep-toes and sheer blouses are okay. If it were an unknown company, I'd probably have kept the shoes and the bare legs but worn a more conservative blouse.

    I agree with Kari that it's better to err on the conservative side, especially when you don't know the corporate culture of the place.

    @Sue - I actually took those pictures in my red Rock Stars in the afternoon instead of the morning and I'd say they kept their shape very well. The only place they were noticeably loose at the end of the day was the waist, but even then they really do fit true to size.

  12. For me this is an absolutely appropriate interview outfit - you look elegant, ladylike and professional.

    Also, your glasses are great! It feels funny but I probably never commented on them before. :)

  13. Gracey--maybe it's time to do a video so we can see the blouse in action. I think it's a very appropriate interview action. It has been so very long since I've interviewed for anything. In academia, we often wear a dark suit--meaning either skirts or pants.

  14. I hate interviews! I hope yours went well and I will be crossing my fingers for you!

  15. Very classy look...and I loooooooovvvvve this blouse! The color, the sheerness, and the way it drapes...gorgeous!


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