Thursday, September 1, 2011

Olive Skinnies and More Blue Shoes

Yes, I’m wearing blue shoes again today:

I told you I loved them. They just make me so darned happy.  Also making me darned happy?  This combination of royal blue and olive that I stole from one of my new favorite bloggers, BiblioMOMia.  It’s okay; I told her I was going to steal the idea because we’re cool like that.  I paired my olive skinnies (Gap) with a cream tunic (Chenault via Nordstrom Rack), blue leopard flats (Nine West “NW Naughty) and one of my favorite bracelets (thrifted).

I usually pair this blue with brown – I think it’s interesting that not once did pairing it with olive cross my mind until I saw BiblioMOMia do it.  I mean, olive and brown aren’t that far off, you’d think I’d have stumbled on it eventually.  But, I don’t think I would have.  I’m just not sure color combinations are my forte.  If you’re wondering what my forte is, it’s sass.  And being tall.  I’m really good at being tall and sassing folks.

Today’s Takeaway?  Know your strengths.  And then play to them.  I walk around tall and sassy every day.  True story.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!



  1. you should walk around tall and sassy because you look fabulous. i can see why you love those blue shoes. they're awesome and i want them. they really look great with the outfit!

  2. Love love love! And totally jealous that your blue shoes are leopard. They look awesome with the olive pants, especially with the drapey top.

    To tell you the truth, the olive/royal was new to me too, until I did it and was like "duh, this should have been obvious!." It looks just lovely on you--so glad I could help you play with color.

  3. I would have never thought to put these two colors together! I meant to ask you....have you ever shopped at the Red White and Blue thrift store. Can't remember EXACTLY where it is, but it had the BEST deals!!! ~Serene

  4. Yes, I LOVE this unexpected color combination, so chic!

  5. If I owned those amazing blue shoes, I'd wear them every day. Even when people started complaining. They're wonderful.

  6. I was having a conversation on another blog about whether olive green is a neutral. I think it is because it goes with everything. Your blue shoes are adorable. Have you taken a picture of all your blue shoes together?

  7. Love those skinnies and I'll take those blue shoe's over Elvis' any day!! lol Kiah

  8. I hope you never lose your sassiness, Gracey--it's one of your many charms.

    That olive/blue combination is inspired, and that's a seriously cool cuff bracelet.


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