Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Am Not a Genius

I only mention this because when I left the house this morning, I thought I might, in fact, be a genius.  My skirt today is slightly too big for me and I thought it would be smart to safety pin the waist of my skirt to the waist of my tights so it didn’t fall down.  As you can see, it didn’t fall down:

So, yes, I thought I was pretty smart.  But, as it turns out, I’m not smart enough to figure out how to use the restroom when I’ve pinned my skirt to my tights.  I’m so used to pulling my tights down and my skirt up that when I went to use the restroom and I couldn’t do that because they were pinned together, I was absolutely stymied.  Stymied, I tell you.  I actually ended up unpinning the skirt from the tights before I could go.  And it wasn’t until my second trip to the restroom that I realized I could just pull them both down.  Did I mention that I am not a genius?

Thank goodness I can take solace in my outfit.  It’s perfect for our increasingly cold but still sunny weather.  I wore a vintage pleated skirt (thrifted) over black tights (Spanx Tight End Tights via Nordstrom), a cream cashmere sweater (Forte via Ideeli) over a black turtleneck and black suede boots (Naughty Monkey via Nordstrom).  I added gloves and a cashmere scarf for the ride in and was a comfy, cozy non-genius all day.

Happy Tuesday, All!



  1. Uh, at least you DID think of it. Me? I'd still be unpinning it each time. Definitely worth the hassle for you, though, because you look great.

  2. I was thinking that you may have pulled the tights off, forgetting they were pinned to your skirt, and totally ripped them. Which would be pretty awful at work. But not a bad idea to pin the skirt up!

    Love this outfit, but then red/white/black IS one of my favorite combinations.

  3. That is the best skirt-pinning story I've ever been told. I think my inclination would've just been to cinch the skirt with a belt, but that wouldn't have worked as well with this super cute sweatervest-mabob. :D

  4. Hahaha, that story cracks me up. I've never pinned anything to my tights, I think they would tear, honestly. I'm hard on clothes. Anyway, I love the color of that rockin' skirt and you are dressed quite perfectly for the odd weather, aren't you?

  5. I love the color combo and you look so nice and cozt warm with out being bulky, score!
    Love the pinning story! My first and last skirt pinning attempt ended with me almost fainting as I had to pull the full length of the safety pin out of my side..... that was NOT a good day!

  6. hahaha! hilarious! I totally love the color of that skirt! and you look amazing in pleats!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  7. haha, I usually just pin my skirt to itself so that it stays up. but i'm no genius either. I had Chinese for dinner. I read my fortune, it said: "You will have a long and heal-
    thy life."
    and I wanted to know, what the heck a Heal-Thy life was. I pondered this for several minutes.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. I love the way thist. I may have to use it as inspiration in omy post. I really like the black under the white and still keeping it simple wtih black boots and tights. Kinda reminds me of the 70s-80's (in a GOOD way). She she (so is chrisian adorable

  9. I'm so glad that your skirt didn't fall down! It's such a lovely color and I really like the pleating. When I wear a skirt that's a little too big I usually wear a belt or just pin the skirt over on itself. Good luck!

  10. LMAO! OMG! That's such an amazing story, Gracey. I totally just snorted orange juice up my nose. At least now you know for future reference what to do in a similar situation! =P

  11. that's funny! HA..safety pins aside, that's a really lovely pleated skirt. I love the color, very vintage chic. I like it with the top, beautiful mix of textures there


  12. :D This ending is actually not that bad, I mean you did figure it out! I'm sure I'd have ripped both if I tried the same. :)

    Great pleated skirt by the way! :)

  13. You look adorable in these photos, I like your style!
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  14. hehe this just made me laugh. i totally pin my skirts too but never to my tights! i imagine it would be hard to use the potty! :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  15. Ha! This is such a funny story. I applaud your courage in telling it.

    As someone unfamiliar with women's clothes, I've frequently faced similar dilemmas and racked my brain for solutions. The humor in your story comes from its truth.

    This, in addition to your clothes, is another reason I love your blog!

  16. I love the colors you have together here and I am also not a genius because I have no idea how one would pin tights to a skirt or vice versa. :)

  17. I love this skirt! I can't believe it's thrifted...I need to go shopping with you!

  18. I love this! That skirt is magical!

  19. hahahaha! Today I had to tie a knot in my pantyhose (do people still call them that?) to keep them from falling down. By the time I got to my office, the crotch was down by my knees. Since I have the commute from hell, I was miserable! I finally thought well, I could tie a knot and keep them up over my roll. Well, it worked, I just couldn't figure out how to get them down the next time. Aggggh!


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