Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If It Ain't Broke...

Daily Outfit for Monday, June 27th (sorry it's late, work is busy, busy, busy).

Why, yes, you have seen this color combination before:

I don't know what I'm pointing at, but this picture cracks me up.

But, what can I say, I love coral and I love turquoise and I love the two together.  So, you get the two together.  A lot.  Yesterday I paired my coral skirt (Banana Republic) with a white tee (Target), my turquoise beaded necklace (rummaged), a braided cognac belt (thrifted) and cognac wedges (Kensie Girl via Macy's).   However, because I adore you Dear Reader Friends, I did want to add some variety, so I posed pointing at the ground.  I figure if I can't vary my color combinations, I can vary my poses.  You're welcome.

Again, sorry for the delayed post, but I should get today's outfit posted today and I'll be back on track (hopefully).

Happy Tuesday, All!



  1. Sometimes you just can't control the disco finger!

    I like this color combination too. It's funny, I own some turquoise and I own some coral but I have never thought about mixing the two.

  2. This is such a great combination! I stinking love that necklace on you! Hugs!~Serene

  3. I love the color combo on you and I agree, if it works it works and this works great :)

  4. It's a great combination, and the disco finger proves it! The white tee makes it feel super fresh :)

  5. This looks great, coral is one of my all time favorite colors!! Admittedly I don't have much coral in my own wardrobe :-( but I should.

  6. This coral skirt is lovely. The color really compliments your skin tone. Love any turquoise jewels! Kiah

  7. Ain't nothin' wrong with having a signature color combo! Turquoise and coral is so summery and looks so good on you.

    Also, disco finger is amazing. It should get its own blog post.

  8. This an easy summer outfit!

  9. i love coral and turquoise together, too! such a fabulous summer color combo, really.

    Surely Sonsy / Enter my LucieLu Instant Sleeves Giveaway!

  10. This is another really great look on you. Very flattering. Very pretty.


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