Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Practicing Impracticality

Daily Outfit for Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In spite of the fact that I bike to work in platform heels, wedges and other ill-advised footwear, I like to think I maintain a pretty practical wardrobe.  Which I think is one of the reasons that, before this year, I’ve never been a fan of sweaters with short sleeves.  They seem a bit pointless, really.  I mean, if it’s cold enough for a sweater, you’d think it’d be cold enough for sleeves, right?  And yet, they’re something I find myself specifically looking for when I go thrifting as of late. 

Even though I have a strange desire to thrift short-sleeve sweaters, I’m still unsure on when they’re practical to wear.  In the past I’ve layered them over long-sleeve tees in the winter (yes, I know, if I am going through all that trouble I could just buy a long-sleeve sweater) but it’s (finally) no longer winter so that trick is out.  But, today.  Today we had thunderstorms so it was raining off and on but it was also crazy muggy.  Turns out that particular mix is the perfect weather for a short-sleeved sweater. 

I went with this one:

This sweater is thrifted and I wore it over a tiered chiffon blouse (Madison Lilly via Nordstrom) with some pin-tucked wide-legged jeans (Gap), Jeffrey Campbell sandals (Nordstrom) and cuff bracelet (thrifted).  It’s less color than I generally like to wear but I was hoping the different textures of the blouse and sweater along with the cuff added enough interest not to bore me to death and it worked well enough for me.

The message here?  If you try hard enough you can justify any addition to your wardrobe, no matter how impractical.  Trust me, I have a blog.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!



  1. Amen! It's the impractical things that make the most interesting outfits, dont you think?

    I mean - love wearing blazers with shorts, but when is it just cold enough to need a blazer while still being warm enough to wear shorts? Not very often. thats when. but still....

    and hey, summer sweaters can work.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. it looks so cute over the chiffon blouse, and i love those pants they fit you perfectly!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. There you go making me sick again because you can wear any style/cut of pants and look fantastic in them! Girl I think these flair legged ones are my faves but wait I like the skinny too...shoot girl...I love them all!! lol That top is so pretty and I love the cap sleeves on the sweater. Your outfits just keep getting better and better!! Kiah

  4. This may be my favorite combination yet. Although I do admit I miss the orange...

  5. love it! would've never thought to pair the sweater over a tiered shirt! but i absolutely love it! thanks for the inspiration. i gotta try it sometime. and those jeans are cute cute cute! you look great, Gracey. And i'll say i usually go for cute over practicality. bad self! bad!

  6. I've always felt the same way about short-sleeved sweaters! Though for the opposite reason - if it's warm enough here to wear short sleeves, I don't want anything heavy like a sweater. This one is so cute though!

  7. i LOVE how you layered!!!! and i am drooooling over those gap jeans! they're on my wish list! :)

  8. I like short sleeved sweaters, but I live in a HOT environment. I think they are much easier to wear then say a short sleeved turtleneck. THOSE always baffle me. When is it cold enough that your neck needs to be covered, but your arms don't?

    Anyways, love your sweater!

  9. I trust you because you do have a blog!
    Love the combination of the jeans with the feminine touches on the blouse.

  10. Such a simple, chic, gorgeous combination of pieces.

  11. Brillant! Simply brillant. I love the bit of lace peeking out of the bottom. Not for nothing, but I have yet to see you NOT rock a pair of jeans.

    :) Doreen

  12. I LOOOVE summer sweaters/short-sleeved sweaters. I have a couple and I wear them to work and church when I'm a bit chilly, but it's going to get warm later.

  13. I love how you styled this sweater!!! What an amazing look

  14. I finally justified a roll neck cape the other day. Well, at £3 the awesome totally knocked out the impractical. I am going to wear the hell out of it this summer :D

    That said, I've got a soft spot for short sleeve jumpers too. I think it is their very impracticality that's the attraction for me. I love yours, especially paired with the lace - I am definitely bearing that in mind for a lukewarm day!


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