Monday, May 21, 2012

Bonus Footage: Gracey Goes to a Concert

I went for a Journey cover band, also got a Bon Jovi cover band and a lovely acoustic trio that performed a surprisingly amusing/amazing Color Me Badd cover.  It was fantastic.

What I wore:

I never have any idea what to wear to concerts, but I figured something neon-adjacent was probably appropriate given the whole Journey/80s thing.  So, I layered a neon & tan print tank (thrifted) over a white tank (Target) with black skinnies (Gap Outlet).  I added a black blazer (Gap), which ended up not being worn, a vintage, tasseled cross-body bag (thrifted), strappy heels (v. old, Nine West) and some jewelry, including some of my favorite earrings (Betsy & Iya “Hooded Wonder” via Mabel & Zora).

Close up of the bag:

Close up of the earrings:

The night started with an acoustic band called Guy Dilly and The Twin Powers.  And they are absolutely amazing.  There are just three of them and the drummer was my favorite.  Her “drum” was a wooden box that she sat on while playing and she also played a tambourine (with her foot!) and sang back up vocal at the same time!  She’s basically my idol.  You can see her, and the rest of the band, in this video from a performance in December:

If you ever get a chance to hear this band, do it.  They’re great.  In fact, you can find out about their upcoming performances and see more video, here.

The headliners of the night were, as I mentioned Friday, a Journey tribute band called Stone in Love.  They really are amazing and so much fun.  They completely encourage crowd participation, which I love, because who doesn’t love belting out Journey songs at the top of their lungs?  No one in this crowd, that’s for sure:

 After Stone in Love, we were treated to a sort of sneak preview of one of the newer cover bands in town (there is a surprising amount), called Steel Horse.  They are a Bon Jovi cover band and their lead singer has an amazing voice.  They were still a little rough around the edges, but it was still super fun to watch and yowl along to:

And that was my Saturday night. 

How about you, Reader Friends?  How was your weekend?

Happy Monday, All!



  1. You look totally adorable an I love those earrings! <3

  2. I love your concert look! Especially loving your bag & earrings.
    Your hair & makeup look gorgeous as well. I never have the patience (or steady hand) to do anything like that.

    Hudson East

  3. Great outfit for a concert! lmao cover bands are so fun :)

  4. You look great and "neon-adjacent" is now my new favourite thing. Seriously, you look terrific and totally concert-appropriate. (I never know what to wear to concerts, either.)

  5. gracey you look fantastic in your neon, tan, & black outfit! sounds like a super fun night. i am sooo feeling those earrings. :)

  6. Dressing for a concert can take some time - but it's always a fun challenge! You look fabulous and I'm glad it was so fun!

  7. Sounds like such a fun event! Love the edginess of the outfit, and that blazer really polishes off the look! So glad to meet another Oregon blogger. You said you are from the Salem-area? I grew up there and visit regularly! Small world!


  8. One of my favorite things to do at concerts is to people watch. I love to see the outfits people wear. I like your top.

  9. what a cute little bag! I'm sure it's just right for the essentials!

  10. Cute Outfit and I love your bag!


  11. Looks like PERFECT concert attire! I love that bag...if you ever get sick of it, feel free to send it my way! ; )

  12. you look HOT!!! and i love that bag!!


  13. You look precious and that little white bag is so cute. I really like the shape. Ok, SUPER Journey fan right here. Hell to the yes on your weekend fun!

  14. Your hair looks ah-may-zing. And the neon-inspiration was perfect for the occasion. This is rock chic at its very best--totally fun, totally wearable, and just a bit too-cool...

  15. Sounds like a hoot! I've never been to a cover band but I wouldn't rule it out. What a fab neon thrifted shirt and your accessories are so pretty (plus it's nice to see you without glasses, totally different look!)

  16. You are so statuesque! A really gorgeous lady! Those earrings are to die for.

    ~CP, ladiesinnavy

  17. I wrote a comment but I think the comment system ate it? Blast! Anyhow, I just gibbered on about cover bands (never seen one) and how I like your hair-poof.


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