Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Nod to Nautical

I was out yesterday and I completely missed the EBEW Nautical Challenge.  So, I decided to wear today what I would have worn yesterday if I hadn’t been off gallivanting:

Yep.  Sailboats.  Like Nora Bird I’m mildly obsessed with sailboat prints right now.  In my case because of a vintage skirt that I recently altered (I’ll wear it Friday, I think).  So, when I saw this blouse on “sail,” (See what I did there?  Hilarious) at Old Navy the other day, I knew I had to have it.

I paired my new sailboat blouse with my vintage man pants (thrifted), nude sandals (Banana Republic) and a few bracelets.  These pants still continue to make me very, very happy.  In fact, I even made up a song for them.  It’s called “Man Pants, Baby” and is sung to the tune of “Cat Scratch Fever.”

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. that top is cute!! i love the fit of it!


  2. Gracey! I swear I've followed your blog like 5 times and blogger just isn't having it, so we'll try again!!! I LOVE this top, love it. I mean, I am 100% obsessed with it lady friend! XO Lori

  3. Sailboats! That top is mega-cute.

    I missed out yesterday, because I was coming off a bank holiday weekend, and about all I have that's even vaguely nautical is some striped shirts anyway.

  4. I've seen that blouse on other bloggers, and love, love, love it. You look terrific.

    Dang, now I can't get that "Man Pants" tune outta my

  5. Gracey, you gallivanter, you. I love the print on that top! Why is it that I haven't seen it at my ON yet? POOOP!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  6. "Man Pants"?!?!?! Ahahahahaha...!!!!!! Love it!

    There is something so happy and refreshing about the mix of sailboats and your, er, man pants. Very cute!

  7. That print is totally adorable. (:

    I didn't participate this time or last time in EBEW because they haven't exactly been things I could dress to... I hope next month is a little easier for my wardrobe!

  8. Your top is delightfully naut-y! (Did you see what a did there?)

  9. Fabulous blouse! It's perfect for the EBEW. I missed it too, unfortunately. Glad I got to see your outfit anyway!

  10. IN LOVE with your blouse! It is so cute!


  11. This blouse is amazing - I so love the print!

    Sadie xx

  12. (Ahh, I typed a comment but it got eaten up!)

    Personally I'm in favor of "Man Pants" to the tune of "Love Shack." MAN PANTS, baby, MAN PANTS! Maaan paaants are a little old place...okay, so it kind of falls apart, but whatever. The point is, man pants.


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