Friday, May 11, 2012

Gracey and the New Dress

Well, it’s not “new” new, it’s vintage, but it’s new to me and I adore it:

I got it last night while I was finishing up my 80s prom errands.  I thrifted it for $5.00 and popped it in the wash as soon as I got home so I could wear it today.

I love the delightfully psychedelic print and all the color.  Given both those attributes I could, and maybe even should, have gone with neutral accessories but it’s Friday and I’m giddy for prom tonight so I went with a bright pink belt (thrifted), green glass bangles (Ray’s Ragtime) and green drop earrings.  I did go with a neutral shoe (Jeffrey Campbell via Nordstrom), but then again I’m rocking neon pink toes.  Oh, well.  I gotta be me.

Speaking of neon, the lovely, talented, frankly awesome Wendy Brandes was kind enough to include me in her neon post for the Huffington Post.  Check it out, I’m all, like famous and stuff.

And that’s it for me today.  I’m leaving early for prom (!) but tomorrow I will be posting my photos and all the prom photos you all emailed to me.

Happy Friday, Everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend!  And Happy Mother’s Day!



  1. I LOVE that dress. And those SHOES! J'adore.

  2. I hope you'll be posting LATE tomorrow. Don't you stay up all night when it's prom?

  3. Aah this is so gorgeous on you! What a great color, and I love the style :)

  4. I scored a similar dress a few weeks ago! I'm going to take off the sleeves, as mine's a little too "old-looking." Plus, I just don't like sleeves. :P Anyway, congrats on the cool feature. I've never been featured anywhere cool like that & am hoping it'll happen someday!

  5. Gracey!! Please don't forget us lil' folks on your way to fame! :) Congratulations!!! You look soooooo pretty....The length on that dress is perfect! Happy weekend and big hugs! ~Serene

  6. Perfect length! I find that doesn't often happen with vintage. Hazah for you! Have fun at prom and show lots of pictures.

  7. What a great thrift store find! I love the slightly puffy sleeves.

    And I say brighter is always better, so good job adding the hot pink belt :)

  8. Gorgeous dress. It's not so much vintage, as it is timeless. Perfect colors and styling!

    Can't wait to see you 80s look!

  9. You may be tall but you are well proportioned, and it doesn't show in the picture. The colours of the dress are beautiful.


  10. Wonderful dress. The colors are delightful. And congrats on being on HuffPo, my favorite website and daily read.

  11. You have the best smile! Thanks for participating in the HuffPost story!

  12. Another great find! Love this dress:) Hope you enjoy prom tonight (and the sunshine this weekend)!

  13. It may not be "new" new, but it's you...and it's cute!
    Congratulations on your notoriety! ;)

  14. Gracey I love vintage dresses and this one's a beauty!!! It's just the right length for your fabulous legs and I love the pops of colour in the belt and your toenails!

    Congrats on the feature for the Huffington Post - I saw you!! I too emailed some pics to Wendy but it now seems she didn't get them for some reason :(( never mind!

    Oh and I'm having a giveaway if you might be interested?

    Enter my ReVintage Jewellery Giveaway!

    Catherine x

  15. First of all, that dress is incredible. I'm seriously digging it and it is the perfect length on you! Ahh! (:

    Second, congrats being in HuffPo! How the heck did that even happen?

  16. Gracey, this is pretty much the best thing ever. That belt was just the ticket: I don't think a neutral could've brought the colors of the dress to life too.

    AAH, you're all up on the HuffPost! Congrats so much! <3

  17. Seriously cute dress. You look great.

    I live in Oregon too, but I am totally mystified where you keep finding these great vintage finds. I feel like thrift stores in Portland are already all picked over, and the ones in the suburbs never have anything cool to begin with. What's your secret, O Great One?

    1. Hi Fellow Oregonian!

      My secret? Patience. And I live in Salem where the thrifting is generally less picked over. Albany is also pretty good, for the same reason. But, mostly patience; I thrift often and for hours at a time. I usually only come away with one or two cute pieces, but they are also usually pieces I really like.

      Also, if you do thrift in Portland, try Better Bargains Thrift Store. On Lombard, I think. It's dirty and vaguely sticky, but they have some great pieces and some great deals!

    2. Ah...Salem. Mystery solved. I lived there years ago and I do remember some marvelous thrifting excursions. I have a sister-in-law in Albany and the next time I visit I'll set aside some time to poke around the stores. (On another note, one of the best antique stores ever closed down there last year...bummer).

      I'll try Better Bargains; thanks for the tip! And I'm laughing at "dirty and vaguely sticky" because that sounds like how I would describe something.


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