Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Get a Four-Day Weekend, You Get a Giveaway

As I've mentioned about 72 times (that's only an approximation, of course), I have a four-day weekend this weekend.  But, I couldn't leave my peeps (that's you all) high and dry, so I'm hosting an eShakti giveaway!

Now, you may have already entered an eShakti giveaway on another blog.  That's okay, you can enter here too.  And it's sooooo easy.

  1. Follow Fashion for Giants.  It's usually a pretty good time.
  2. Visit eShakti and decide which one item you'd choose if you won.
  3. Like eShakti on Facebook
  4. Don't have Facebook?  You can follow eShakti on Pinterest instead.
After that, just leave me a comment letting me know which item you'd choose if you won.  And if you chose the Facebook or Pinterest route for liking/following eShakti.  See?  So easy. 

What's that?  You'd like to know what I'd choose if I won?  Well, kids, lemme tell you.  I'd personally choose one of these four dresses:

The Swan Song Dress
I'm obsessed with this one.  From the print to the neckline.  Obsessed.

The Bow Ties Are Cool Dress
Check out the keyhole detail on the neckline; j'adore!

Heart Mints Shirtdress
Hearts!  Yellow buttons!  Shirtdress!  Yay!

 Make a Beeline Dress
The back of this dress is plain gray; so fun!

These are my favorites, but eShakti has dozens and dozens of dresses to choose from as well as skirts and blouses.  They carry up to a size 26 and most of the items can be customized to your measurements.  Basically, they're pretty great.

So, I hope you'll enter.  Unfortunately, it's only open to US and Canadian readers, but you have until midnight PST on May 31st to enter.  And I'll announce the winner on June 1st.  And remember, if you do win, you can even have the garment you choose customized!

Bon Chance!



  1. Uh, well, they're all freaking amazing. I'm going to say this one for now, but really, I think my mind would explode if I won and had to choose...

    Liked on Facebook as Kathryn D and am already following you!

  2. You already know I stalk, I mean, follow your awesome blog. I already like eShakti on Facebook and via online catalog. I find perusing the company's beautiful, classic clothes soothing, and could drop my entire paycheck there if it weren't for that durn mortgage thingie :P

    I could style the heck of this skirt: It gets bonus points for pocketsS!s

  3. I LOVE this one! I'm following them on Pinterest and a follower of your blog! Hugs girly! ~Serene

  4. The Bow Ties Are Cool Dress is spectacular. I've been drooling over that since it popped up on their website! I follow you, AND I follow eShakti on Facebook and Pinterest. =D

    Have a marvelous weekend, Gracey! Think of me while you're thrifting your little heart out!

  5. Yay! Amazing giveaway :) I would LOVE to win the one shoulder cotton poplin dress in turquoise! I follow you, like eShaki on Facebook and follow them on Pinterest!

    Have an amazing four day weekend!


  6. I;m so jealous it's a holiday weekend in the States (ours was last weekend and i'm already ready for another!) Yay I love Eshakti- following you on GFC, them on Facebook and I love the emerald green classic dresses on their website!

  7. Hi, I follow Fashion for Giants as Joy Maestas.
    If I won I'd choose the Sweetheart of a dress.
    I liked on FB AND pinterest. Thanks! xox

  8. Thanks for the giveaway. I follow you on GFC (yeny flores), I follow them on Facebook and pinterest and I love the Lady in red dress. xoxox

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  9. Eeeee, Gracey! This is awesome. I hope you enjoy your weekend half as much as I'm enjoying poking through eShakti again to look at what they've got right now. Because girrrrl, let me tell you. I am getting some slight heart palpitations just looking at this bidnass. I'm following you with GFC, following THEM with Pinterest (cool of them to give an alternative for those of us non-Facebook people!), and I willlll chooooose...

    The retro poplin shirtdress in admiral blue! Because a) I have no shirtdresses and b) I have very, very little in a true blue like that. Branching out: scary but fun!

  10. Followed as ismay ersatz on FB.

    Many lovely dresses! I would pick the birds or paradise dress or the butterfly kisses dress.

    Thank you for hosting!

  11. I follow you and like eShakti on facebook. Loving the Hummingbirds dress and the four leaf clover dress!

  12. - I follow you via GFC.
    - I follow eShakti on Pinterest.
    - I love the butterfly silhouette dress - classic colors, fun print, and it's cotton. :)

  13. I followed you ! Plus I liked them on fb. I would probably pick the Bowtie dress !

  14. I followed eShakti on pinterest. I love the ruffle front poplin dress in coral. Have a great weekend! :)

  15. Hi Gracey! I followed eShakti on pinterest and facebook, and I just started following you too!

    My first instinct would be the "her 50's" dress, but I would probably spend a long time actually deciding if I won.

  16. Too many good ones to choose from! But I love the bow tie embellished dress in blue - I could see wearing that so often in the summer :)

    I also liked eShakti on facebook.

  17. Greate blog dear:) I follow you:) invite to me and I hope you follow back:)

  18. Wow, eShakti is going a little crazy on giveaways this week! Better for my odds though :)

    Of course I already follow your blog, and I like eShakti on facebook AND pinterest. And I think I'd get the ruffle cascade dress, in either blue or black.

  19. Love these dresses. eShakti is really going insane with promotions lately. They must be amping up their marketing.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  20. i follow you GFC, i like them on facebook, & my favorite dress is

  21. I followed on Pinterest. I'd get the admiralty blue dress or the red belted sheath dress.

  22. I follow you and now I love eShakti!

    I would get either the pleat waist poplin dress in green or the mural blooms dress in red.

    (rm_rizzo {at} hotmail {dot} com)

  23. Liked E-Shakti on FB.

    I would love the Dandelion Dress here:

    It's so unique and they can make it in larger sizes so those of us who like unique designs can actually wear them. :-)

  24. Ooh, Gracey, I love you even more than usual now! I liked them on FB and Pinterest. I would love Mrs. Draper's Day Dress or the Forest eyelet shirtdress. I'm so picky, I would love customizing it!

  25. I liked eShakti on FB, and I especially love the collared poplin dress and the red retro frock.

  26. Oh that hummingbirds dress is just too wonderful for words! Following you and eShakti on Pinterest.


  27. Even though I'm giving one of these babies away on my own blog, I want one too! Haha. I follow them every way imaginable, I follow you (duh), and I'd love this:

  28. I am a follower, of course! I 'liked' eshakti on FB and if I won, I would choose the collared poplin dress (

    Thanks for a great giveaway!


  29. OK, Gracey, I'm now following you by email, and I'm following Eshakti on Pinterest, and THIS is my faaavorite dress:
    It's gonna look so good on me. ;o)

  30. I would pick the owltree dress. It looks mighty fun.
    the kind of print I might not spend the money on, but would love to have, so If I win it, then :)!

  31. Hey Gracie! So I'm following your blog and eshakti on Pinterest.

    As far the dress I'd pick, I am loving this 50s colorblocked dress and this gorgeous embellished caftan maxi dress.

    Pick me, pick me!

    sarah at cablecarcouture dot com

    Cable Car Couture

  32. Wow, I love their stuff and they have a really big selection! I loved a lot of the stuff and I feel like a copier because my top picks were the same as your's, in particular the Hearts Mint Shirtdress, BUT, I found this Strapless denim Chambray maxi dress:

    I followed you on FB and the blog overall and followed eShakti on both FB and Pinterest.

  33. The Bow ties are cool dress is one of my favs too!! I follow you on GFC and follow Eshakti on both FB and pinterest! Thanks :)- Jenny Emm

  34. I like the yellow and gray above but so enjoy this one as well.

    I follow you on my Google reader as well as eshakti on pinterest. Thanks for the chance!

  35. I'm stalking/following you via Bloglov'n. like eShakti on Facebook and following them on Twitter. I'm with you on that swan song dress....beautiful! BTW...I'm doing the same giveaway ; )

  36. Thanks for the giveaway! I follow you on google and eShakti on pinterest. I'm drooling over the Color trim poplin dress right now!

    alp16 @ sbcglobal . net

  37. I follow you on GFC and eshakti on facebook and pinterest. I would get either the floral eyelet sheath or button-up corset dress!

  38. Oh, why not. I'm following you (obv) and I'm creeping eShakti on Pinterest. The dress I'd get if I won? Well, after all that tab opening...I love the Ladder Laced Eyelet Sheath, the Keyhole Front Eyelet Dress, the Florilegium Dress (Such pretty detail at the hem!), and the Ship to Shore Dress simply because it would match my tattoo. I know I won't win so I don't have to choose just one!


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