Friday, May 4, 2012

Not Dressed For Spring

No, I am not dressed for spring. Because it doesn’t feel like spring.  It’s cold and rainy and feels more like autumn.  So I pretty much just dressed for autumn:

I paired an autumn-hued skirt (thrifted and crookedly hemmed by yours truly) with a black long-sleeve tee (Old Navy) layered under a lightweight black sweater (Target).  I added leggings (Old Navy) because I’m not kidding, it’s seriously cold and riding boots (Born Crown “Sosie”); ditto on the cold thing.  The scarf (v. old) was also added because it’s cold.

I do think it’s supposed to warm up this weekend and hopefully stay warm for a bit, but if I show up in 18 layers again on Monday we’ll know that didn’t happen.

Speaking of the weekend, mine is going to be super-busy.  Actually, May is going to be a super-busy month in general.  I have speed dating, brunch, concerts, dancing, more brunch and, of course, 80s prom (send me your pictures; you know you want to (yes, Lynne, you)).  This weekend is speed dating, dancing and/or drinking, a slumber party and brunch, all of which I am totally excited for.

How about you, Reader Friends?  Do you have any plans, exciting or otherwise, for the weekend?

Happy Friday, All!



  1. That skirt is great! I have a bachelorette all weekend, so it should be a fun one. Your weekend sounds great! Enjoy!

  2. I'm having a slumber party too! Cinco de Mayo slumber party at my BFF's house. We both have little ones and it is nice to get to hang out beyond when the kiddies want to go to sleep. Bonus is you get a breakfast party too!

  3. Cute outfit! I always love your skirts.
    It hasn't felt like spring lately here either... it's been cold & rainy until today.

    <3 Hudson East

  4. I like the prints on the scarf and the skirt together :) My husband and I are going on some sort of eco-adventure tomorrow - maybe to a nature preserve and/or the beach. Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. Great skirt!! The scarf adds a special pop of color :)


  6. i love the skirt! i too have been dressing in neutrals and blacks on rainy days that feel like fall. can you believe we're only a little more than a month away from summer?!!! anyway, loving this outfit and you're wearing my fave boots!

  7. Such a pretty skirt! I know what you mean - it's so cold here! We just got back from a vacation and found that our furnace isn't working. That shouldn't be a problem in MAY, but it's freezing! Hope your weekend is going well.

  8. Isn't it nerve racking when the weather just wont cooperate?
    Seriously? An 80's prom? I'm there. Gotta dig up my pics!

  9. It's impossible to dress for spring here when it insists on being perpetually October 22. I haven't been dressing very springy, either, haha. At any rate, I love your skirt. And your May sounds absolutely wonderful, to be honest.

  10. I know I've had to revert to some fall colors this spring myself. I love the skirt, crookedly hemmed or not.

  11. well im a tad jealous because its SUMMER here! cute as always!

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